temperature compe ated overload relay中文意思是什麼

temperature compe ated overload relay解釋

  • temperature: n. 1. 溫度,氣溫。2. 體溫。3. 〈口語〉發燒,高燒。
  • overload: vt. 使裝載過重貨物,使裝載[負擔]過重,超載;把(彈藥等)裝填過度;【電學】給…過量充電。 an overloaded style 過分誇張的文體。n. 過重裝載,過重負擔;超負荷;【電學】過載。
  • relay: n 1 接替的馬;驛馬;接替的狗;(備有接替馬匹的)旅館。2 接替;接替人員;補給供應。3 分程遞送;傳...

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  1. Our mylar sleeves are mainly used to protect a wide range of electrical equipments, such as thermal protectors, temperature limiting switches, refrigerant compressors, rechargeable batteries, fuses, transformers, motors, electrical wires, electrical ? heating elements, capacitors, telephone relay, soldered dot, tie - in and winding, etc

  2. The combination seal failure / overtemp alarm relay is a specialized control for monitoring seal failure and thermal overload of one ( 1 ) submersible pump motor

    密封故障和過熱故障兩用報警繼電器是一個專用控制裝置,用於監測一( 1 )臺潛水泵電機的密封故障和熱過載。
  3. Other ccc - certified, rockwell automation product lines include motor control centers, contactors and accessories, circuit breakers, smart motor controllers, electronic overload relays, pushbutton and indicators, and the control relay 700 series

  4. Time lag over - overload relay

  5. Thermo overload relay