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  • temperature: n. 1. 溫度,氣溫。2. 體溫。3. 〈口語〉發燒,高燒。
  • inversion: n 1 倒轉,反轉,逆轉;倒置,轉換。2 倒置物,顛倒現象。3 【語法】倒裝法,語序倒置法;(語言的)捲...

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  1. Abstract : the affects of crystal absorption for heat radiation on crystal growth, which include : the heat loss of the hot grower, the chara - cteristic of temperature - time of crystal growth, the pattern of fluid flow and the shape of interface, the interface inversion of crystal, the temperature distribution and the thermal stress distribution, are reviewed in this paper

  2. In london, tokyo, new york and other cites, a weather condition called a temperature inversion allows smog to hang over the city for several days at a time

  3. On the basis of analyzing previous scientists ' work, aeromagnetic data from north china wee reprocessed with 3 - d magnetosphere inversion method and program quantitative buried depth of curie temperature interface was obtained ; seismogenesis and its re1atnhip with curie temperature interface were discussed in the light of results from deep seismic sounding and deep fluid

  4. Multi - angle thermal infrared remote sensing ; mixed pixel ; inversion of component temperature

  5. Above the inversion point the temperature in the bore hole decreases as the depth decreases.