temperature-regulated expression中文意思是什麼

temperature-regulated expression解釋

  • temperature: n. 1. 溫度,氣溫。2. 體溫。3. 〈口語〉發燒,高燒。
  • regulated: 管理
  • expression: n 1 表現,表示,表達。2 詞句;語句,措辭,說法。3 表情,臉色,態度;腔調,聲調。4 【數學】式,符...

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  1. 4. we use half quantification and digoxigenin detection to investigate the expression pattern of ent - kaurene oxidase. we found that it was regulated by development, it expressed high in the fast growing tissue, expanded leaves under a fast growing circumstance also express high level of ent - kaurene oxidase

    利用半定量rt - pcr的方法結合地高辛標記法,貝殼杉烯氧化酶在果樹中的表達是受發育調控的,其在旺盛生長的組織中表達量高,在植株旺長期的成年葉中表達量也很高。
  2. On the one hand, there is grea t influence of temperature field factor and reliability theory on the wear process of parts, which cannot be ignored ; on the other hand, because of the uncertainties of outer circumstances were longevity should adopt the expression form of probability longevity

  3. Effect of low temperature on inducing the gene expression of atgol - 3 in arabidopsis thaliana

  4. We do not know what cell cycle - associated proteins are regulated by histone acetylation modification, especially at the checkpoints of g1 / s, s / g2, g2 / m and mitosis exit. neither do we know about the manner in which histone acetylation regulates the expression of these genes

    在真核細胞周期調控的重要檢驗點g1 / s和g2 / m ,以及其他的轉換點s / g2和走出m期的各個過程中,哪些細胞周期調控相關蛋白的表達活性與細胞內的組蛋白乙酰化水平相關
  5. In the third chapter, we can obtain the soil temperature field expression under the different depth and the different time through carrying on the analysis of the temperature field of the symmetry semi - infinite big object under the periodic variation boundary condition