termination routine中文意思是什麼

termination routine解釋

  • termination: n. 1. 末端,終點;終止,終結;結局,結束。2. 限定,界限,限度。3. 【語法】詞尾。adj. -al
  • routine: n 例行公事,日常工作;常規;慣例;程序。 the day s routine=daily routine 日常工作。 He can only ...

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  3. There is some hope that in the near future this simple and relatively safe assay may become routine in viral diagnostic laboratories.

  4. This test chooses general industrial vc / vac copolymer as raw material, various supplement material additives are also the common conventional avirulent additive on industry ; the plastic material processing routine is also the universal method to make the thermoplastic plate of low temperature of vc / vac copolymer that accords with medical requirement that its softening temperature is 55

  5. As soon as he left janice began the beautifying routine that she had skipped for byron's visit.