tetra-hydroxystilbene--o d-glucosidee中文意思是什麼

tetra-hydroxystilbene--o d-glucosidee解釋

  • tetra: n. 【動物;動物學】脂鯉〈一種熱帶魚〉。
  • hydroxystilbene: 羥基芪
  • o: int 〈常用大寫字母〉哦 喲 …啊 唉 哎呀〈表示驚訝、恐怖、贊嘆、願望等〉。 O for a rest 唉 休息休息...
  • d:

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  1. Provides delivery name and address, c. o. d. collected amount, signature image and reference numbers

  2. O - d table

  3. You can use a credit card or pay c. o. d

  4. Several lines of evidence, including studies on geochemistry of trace elements and rare earth elements, isotopes ( s, c, o, d, and pb ), and fluid inclusions, suggest that the main ore - forming materials were scavenged from the contemporaneous sediments and that the fluids were predominantly derived from deep circulated basin brines, recharged by meteoric water, and ancient seawater

    微量元素、稀土元素、同位素( s 、 c 、 o 、 d 、 pb )和流體包裹體特徵表明成礦物質來源於同沉積的賦礦圍巖,成礦流體系大氣降水為主要補給源的深循環盆地鹵水和與沉積物發生了同位素交換的埋藏古海水。
  5. Except special case and requested, the terms of payment will be c. o. d.

    除特殊要求或情況外,付款規條為貨到找現c . o . d . 。