tetra-hydroxystilbene--o d-glucosidee中文意思是什麼

tetra-hydroxystilbene--o d-glucosidee解釋

  • tetra: n. 【動物;動物學】脂鯉〈一種熱帶魚〉。
  • hydroxystilbene: 羥基芪
  • o: int 〈常用大寫字母〉哦 喲 …啊 唉 哎呀〈表示驚訝、恐怖、贊嘆、願望等〉。 O for a rest 唉 休息休息...
  • d:

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  1. Provides delivery name and address, c. o. d. collected amount, signature image and reference numbers

  2. C o d

  3. Ups signature tracking enables companies to obtain the proof of delivery ( p. o. d. ) of goods often needed to collect on an invoice

    Ups簽名追蹤使公司能夠獲取在按發票收取運費時通常需要的貨物遞送簽收( p
  4. Super - oxide - dismutase tea contains s. o. d. enzyme and essential minerals. japan food analysis centre did an analysis in this compound and confirmed that it contains valuable minerals and enzymes

    日本食品分析中心化驗分析,證明s . o . d抗酸茶含有s . o . d酵素及大量人體所需的礦物質。
  5. Button allows you to access a complete ups p. o. d., including full delivery name, an image of the recipient s signature image, and address information, which is not available when using any other method

    利用ups簽收追蹤, pod按鈕可讓您存取其他方法無法取得的完整upspod ,包括派送全名與地址資訊。