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  • textile: n. 〈常 pl. 〉紡織品;紡織原料。adj. 紡織(品)的。 textile fabrics 紡織品,紡織物。 textile fibres 紡織纖維。 textile glass 紡織玻璃纖維。
  • production: n 1 生產,產生;【物理學】(粒子的)生成;製造;(電影的)攝制;(戲劇的)演出;著作。2 產品,製...
  • worker: n. 1. 工作者;工人,勞動者,職工,工作人員;技工。2. 【蟲類】工蜂 (= worker-bee); 工蟻 (= worker-ant)。3. 【印刷】電鑄版。

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  1. China textile limited project located in china ' s jiangsu " breadbasket " - - the jiangyan city. current domestic production of various kinds of acrobatic yarn - dyed fabric after dyed fabrics and professional manufacturers

  2. Be in new start " five - year plan " in developing the strategy, have two serious content : it is collaboration of as strong as the world look forward to, produce chinese textile advantage and international brand advantage adequately, integrated industry catenary, promote additional cost ; 2 it is with courtyard the college cooperates, establish center of dress research and development, build system of design of perfect research and development, production, sale, service, with " the design leads vogue, production to make sure character, sale develops the market, service to gain reputation " develop new idea, new target for the enterprise, with " deal with concrete matters relating to work, dovish, innovation, surmount " for business concept, strive for become industry celebrity, establish image of company of the chinese nation hard, make international top - ranking famous brand

  3. Our company is manufacture which could make coral fleece, knitting fabric ( including anti - pilling double - brushed dyeing polarfleece, velvet type, mesh type, cotton type, aircoat type, ribbing type, fake sherpa, cotton stockinette, etc. ), finery ( including bathrobe, night gown, jogging set, t - shirt, jacket etc. ), home textile production ( blanket, pillow, bedspread ) & accessories ( such as sleeping bag, scarf, gloves, cushion etc

  4. Why can t a production worker set up his own machine

  5. The influence of noise caused by textile production on female workers ' health condition