thermocouple thermograph中文意思是什麼

thermocouple thermograph解釋

  • thermocouple: n. 【物理學】熱電偶,溫差電偶(=thermoelectric couple)。
  • thermograph: n. 溫度(自動)記錄器;記錄溫度計。

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  1. The transmitter is wired for up-scale thermocouple burn-out protection.

  2. Copper copper - nickel constantan thermocouple wires

  3. Platinum - 30 % rhodium platinum - 6 % rhodium thermocouple wires

    鉑銠30 -鉑銠6熱電偶絲
  4. In the part of detector, it mainly introduces the design of liquor tubes, heater, pressurize, and thermocouple ; in the part of controller, this design uses tms320lf2407 as the cpu. the design part mainly introduces controller circuit design which mainly contains data collection circuit, prepositive magnifying circuit, a / d convert circuit, failure self - diagnosis circuit, the tms320lf2407 interface circuit, temperature control circuit, display circuit, 4 ~ 20ma standard signal output circuit ; in the software part, it mainly introduces software chart of main program and partly linearization subprogram design

    檢測器部分重點介紹了導流管的設計、加熱器的設計、密封技術的設計以及測溫電路的設計;控制器部分以tms320lf2407為核心,重點介紹了控制器電路設計,主要包括數據選擇電路、前置放大電路、 a / d轉換電路、故障自診斷電路、 tms320lf2407介面電路、控溫電路、顯示電路、 4 20ma標準信號輸出電路共八個部分;軟體設計重點介紹了主程序軟體設計及分段線性化子程序設計。
  5. Standard specification for tungsten - rhenium alloy thermocouple wire