thick stratum中文意思是什麼

thick stratum解釋

  • thick: adj 1 (opp thin)厚的;(樹枝)粗大的。2 濃厚的,黏稠的;混濁的。3 不透明的;不清晰的(聲音沙啞...
  • stratum: n. (pl. -ta)1. 地層;層。2. 階層。

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  1. Leaves thick leathery, obovate - lanceolate, obovate or oblong - lanceolate, 4 - 12 cm long and 2 - 3. 5 cm wide, apex rounded, sometimes emarginated, base cuneate, abaxial surface thinly covered with a grayish to fawn indumentum at first, later glabrescent ; petiole 1 - 1. 5 cm long, glabrescent

    葉厚革質,倒卵狀披針形、倒卵形或長圓狀披針形,長4 - 12厘米,寬2 - 3 . 5厘米,頂端近圓形,有時微缺,基部楔形,下面初時薄被灰白色或淡土黃色叢捲毛,后近無毛;葉柄長1 - 1 . 5厘米,后近無毛。
  2. Under the circumstances, gypsum or anhydrite could accumulate to form beds many meters thick, without any co-precipitation of halite.

  3. On the third anniversary of nixon's inauguration day we were in the thick of planning an event nobody imagined possible in 1969: the visit of a united states president to beijing.

  4. Touke stratum was laid down in the pliocene and early pleistocene epochs. it is some 1500 meters thick on average, and rich in fossils. the fossil beds of tsailiao creek in tsochen were made famous by the discovery there in 1971 of the skull of " tsochen man.

  5. In accordance with peculiarity of earth ' s surface being covered by thick soil layer, the stratum in north - west mining area, are classed as rock layer and soil layer, and the mathematic model of predicting surface movement is established according to the stochastic medium theory, the method for solving mathematic model and setting - out the parameters in prediction are developed