• third: n 1 〈the third〉第三。2 第三者〈指人〉。3 (時間或角度的)一秒的六十分之一。4 〈the third〉(某...
  • trimester: n. (約)三個月;(一年三學期制的)學期。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • pregnancy: n. 1. 懷孕,妊娠;懷孕期;(事件等的)蘊釀。2. 〈比喻〉豐富,豐滿;含蓄,(內容)充實,富有意義。


  1. The first trimester 3 months of pregnancy

  2. Speaking at a press conference today may 26, consultant community medicine of the centre for health protection of the department of health, dr thomas tsang said the inactivated influenza vaccine was considered safe for use in pregnancy by the world health organization and there was no evidence indicating that the vaccine would induce developmental abnormalities in a fetus even if given during the first trimester of pregnancy

  3. New york ( reuters health ) jan 12 - eleated third - trimester leels of homocysteine appear to be associated with an increased risk of offspring subsequently deeloping schizophrenia, researchers report in the january issue of the archies of general psychiatry

    紐約(路透社健康衛生報) 1月12日- - 《公共精神病學報》 1月期刊研究報道,妊娠晚期高同型半胱氨酸血癥增加後代患精神分裂癥高風險性。
  4. The retrospective cohort study of vaginal bleeding in the first - trimester of pregnancy on full - term infant ' s development effect

  5. Isosorbide - 5 - mononitrate combined with ethacridine in termination of mid - trimester of pregnancy