thoracic spinal cord lateral horn中文意思是什麼

thoracic spinal cord lateral horn解釋

  • thoracic: adj. 【解剖學】胸(廓)的,胸部的。 thoracic cavity 胸腔。 thoracic duct 胸導管。
  • spinal: adj 1 【生物學】針的,刺的;棘狀突起的。2 【解剖學】脊骨的,脊柱的,脊髓的。 n 【醫學】脊髓麻醉 ...
  • cord: n 1 繩子,索子;弦;【電學】軟線,塞繩。2 〈常 pl 〉束縛。3 【紡織;印染】燈芯絨;布上凸起的楞條...
  • lateral: adj 1 橫的,側面的,旁邊的;橫向的。2 【語音】邊音的,旁流的,(舌)邊的。n 1 側部的東西,側向生...
  • horn: n 1 (牛、羊、鹿等動物的)角,觸角;(動物頭上的)角狀羽毛;觸須。2 〈美俚〉鼻子。3 角質,角質物...

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  1. The study of ache activity in the spinal cord brain stem and hippocampus of rat

  2. The sucking health care tea of celestial being adjust flu virus 、 spinal cord grey matter inflammation virus and intestines road virus possess the inhibition ; to the first of the ten heavenly stems form even coccus 、 golden staphylococcus 、 pncumonia coccus 、 colon bacillus 、 the green pus bacillus possess the inhibition

  3. Collection and preservation of samples : as soon as the three vital signs disappeared, the dogs were anatomized, and the heart, liver, kidney, spleen, lung, brain, muscle in the injection location and no injection location, the heart blood, urine, bile, cerebrospinal fluid ( csf ) in the lateral ventricle and spinal subarachnoid space, spinal cord ( medulla oblongata, cervical cord, the upper beast spinal cord, breast spinal cord and waist spinal cord ) were taken out, some of which were preserved at - 20 for qualitative and quantitative analysis, and the others were fixed with 4 % formaldehyde for the pathology observation

    3 、樣品採集:當心電、血壓和呼吸全部消失時,迅速解剖動物,採取心臟、肝臟、腎臟、脾臟、肺臟、大腦、注射部位肌肉、注射部位20cm以外肌肉、心血、尿液、膽汁、側山西醫科大學碩士學位論文腦室腦脊液、脊髓腔腦脊液和不同節段的脊髓(包括延髓、頸髓、上胸部脊髓、胸部脊髓和腰部脊髓)等組織,冷凍保存。 4 、病理觀察:採取心臟、肝臟、 』腎臟、脾臟、肺臟、大腦、脊髓等組織, 4 %甲醛固定,石蠟包埋,切片, he染色,光鏡觀察。
  4. The present study, ( d by using immunohistochemical single, double or triple staining method, showed the expression, relationship and distribution pattern of fos - protein, gfap or th in rat cns, investigated the plastic response and relationship of rat lumbar spinal cord as and neurons to pain induced by the unilateral tibia and fibula fracture ; ( 2 ) by using a double immuno - electron - microscopic method, investigated the ultrastructural characters of junction areas between neurons and as in the dorsal horn of rat lumbar spinal cord following the unilateral tibia and fibula fracture ; ? after intrathecal application of the carbenoxolone, a gap junction blocker, recorded the paw withdrawal thermal latency and compared with control

    在腦干gfap - li星形膠質細胞主要分佈於mvz內的孤束核( nts ) 、腹外側延髓( vlm )以第四軍醫大學博士學位論文及兩者之間的中間帶( irt )上。三叉神經脊束核尾側亞核( vc ) 、外側楔柬核( ecu ) 、藍斑( lc ) 、臂旁外側核( lp ) 、中縫大核( rmg ) 、中腦導水管周圍灰質腹外側區( vipag ) 、中縫背核( dr )等部位也出現一定數量的gfap陽性細胞。 f 。
  5. Evaluation of exercise therapy in the amelioration of the lower - limb function in 15 patients with thoracic spinal cord injuries