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  • thorn: n. 1. 刺;荊棘。2. 【動物;動物學】殼針。3. 苦惱、憂慮的原因。4. 古代英語字母的p (=th)。adj. -less 無刺的。adj. -like 像刺一樣的。
  • emi: x射線衰減系數單位
  • electronics: n. 1. 〈用作單數〉電子學。 molecular electronics 分子電子學。 2. 電子流行音樂。

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  2. Single crystal silicon is the semiconductor material which is used mostly in the present electronic industry, it play a very important role in the field of aviation - astronavigation, optics, electron and micro - electronics

  3. For decorating, cement and terrazzo floor, walls and walls and ceilings of workshops for producing beverage, food stuffs cosmetics, electronics, medines, electrical appliances, etc. and places which need to be free from basification and dust

  4. Charged twice with possession of black market electronics

  5. Setting up a detector electronics system is straightforward because standardized building blocks can be bought.