those old melodies中文意思是什麼

those old melodies解釋

  • those: pron. 〈that 的復數〉那些東西[人];人們。 There are those who say . . . 也有說…的人們。adj. 那些。 in those days 那時,當時。
  • old: adj ( er; est; 表示兄弟姊妹關系時用 elder; eldest)。1 老,上了年紀的,年老的 (opp young); 衰...
  • melodies: 美妙的音樂,歌曲

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  1. Why do you keep all this old junk ? those old useless things are not worth a red cent

  2. And this neck. some of those old etruscan vases they used to

  3. Even more hurt and grieved are those old boys and girls whose mother schools were closed down for whatever reasons. as former students, they have nowhere to attach their memory as parents, they can find no schools that would accept their children on preferential terms

  4. To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends.

  5. - what ? - you go use those old contacts of yours

    -什麼? -你去找那些以前的聯系人