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  • thread: n 1 線;細絲;〈英國〉麻紗,〈美國〉棉紗;纖維。2 細線,細流,細礦脈。3 (議論等的)思路,條理,...
  • wire: n 1 金屬線,銅絲,鐵絲,鋼絲;【電學】導線;線路;金屬絲網;【造紙】抄網。2 電信;〈口語〉電報。3...
  • guide: n 1 引導,指導。2 領路人,導游者,向導;指導者,指揮者。3 【軍事】向導艦;〈pl 〉基準兵,標兵。4 ...

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  1. Our bindery is capable of producing a wide variety of binding styles, including case - bound, perfect bound, flexi - bound, thread sewn or notch bound, wire - o bound, spiral, saddle stitch bound, and others

  2. Cylindrical helical springs made from round wire and bar - guide to methods of specifying, tolerances and testing - extension springs

  3. The jdf - 2 type case hanging basket guards against automatically falls mainly uses in the direct motor drive hoisting mechanical well type case hanging basket, as the type case hanging basket using of safekeeping of security, it installs in the hanging basket crossbeam both sides, along including guide rail is rising and falling, when the motor drive type case hanging basket in the fluctuation process, meets overweight, overspeed, steel wire attrition and other reasons creates the hoisting cable or the junction device snaps suddenly, when under hanging basket weightlessness falls, guards against falls can automatic brake, thus achieved avoids falling the basket to offend somebody

    Jdf - 2型井字架吊籃自動防墜器主要用於由電動機驅動的卷揚機井字架吊籃,作為井字架吊籃的安全保護之用,它安裝在吊籃橫梁的兩側,沿含著導軌升降,當由電動機驅動的井字架吊籃在升降過程中,遇超重超速鋼絲繩磨損等原因而造成提升鋼絲繩或連接裝置突然破斷,吊籃失重下墜時,防墜器能自動剎車,從而達到避免墜籃傷人重大事故發生的目的。
  4. Circuitry construction tools produced by our company are more than eight hundred of kinds in 18 series, which are suitable for foundation construction, tower group sets up the pole 、 a thread constructs 、 cable construction, optical cable construction, such as entangle and rub flexibly 、 insulating aerial cable and cable skinning device 、 aluminiam alloy cherishes the pole 、 and lead 、 card thread device of ground wire 、 high strength shackle 、 ratchet wheel board hands with sharp board hands 、 tight line device of double hook 、 lifting block 、 nylon wheel and aluminium wheel is pat the thread coaster, and etc, with full series and more kinds. as high technology and reliable quality, we have a good reputation among sane fields at home and abroad

  5. New technique for steel wire joint - rolling press straight thread conjunction