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  • three: n. 1. 三個人[東西]。2. 三歲,三時。3. 【板球】3字型。
  • axis: n ( pl axes )1 軸,軸線。2 【植物;植物學】莖軸。3 【解剖學】第二頸椎,第二脊骨。4 【政治學】軸...
  • copying: n. ,adj. 復寫(的),謄寫(的)。
  • device: n. 1. 設計,計劃;方法,手段。2. 〈pl. 〉意志,慾望。3. 謀略,策略,詭計。4. 器具,器械,設備,裝置。5. 圖案,圖樣;花樣;紋章;標記,商標;(紋章上的)題銘。

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  1. It is comprised of a silicone rubber sheet, a wave - guide plate, an apparatus to apply three - axis force and facilities to capture faculae

  2. Therefore, the component force in any direction can be easily calculated through the faculae captured by ccd camera, which provides a good solution to three - axis tactile sensing technology for intelligent robots

  3. Currently in initial production, the off - axis viewing device ( oavd ) is a small viewing unit that mates with a weapon s existing receive - mounted optical sight and provides an image of the target transmitted through the scope and reflected 50 to the line - of - sight back to the firer

    目前,初期生產的離軸式觀察裝置( oavd )是一種與裝在支座上的光學瞄準具相配的小型觀察器,它能將透過物鏡的目標圖像折射50到視線方向,再提供給射手。
  4. ( 3 ) based on passive control theory and the characteristics of the buildings vibration induced by subway, a three - dimension isolation device ( the three dimentional lead rubber - dish springs bearings ) is presented and designed to reducing the buildings vibration

    分析結果表明:該裝置對減輕地鐵運行誘發沿線建築物的振動有顯著效果; ( 5 )對安裝了本文提出的三維隔振裝置的實測結構,採用三維有限元模型
  5. Experimental investigation on shaking table of core - wall suspension structure with three - term control device