thymic branches中文意思是什麼

thymic branches解釋

  • thymic: adj. 【解剖學】胸腺的。adj. 【植物;植物學】百里香的;麝香草的。
  • branches: 分支機構

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  1. On the road to tourism enterprise group, the first thing is separating tourism corporations from the government branches and reforming them into companies ( limited company or stock company ) that are independent corporative entity and can deploy resource allodium through the market

  2. When a blackbird chanced to sing in the upper branches it was as if some angelic being had dropped down out of the sky into that green translucent cloud of leaves.

  3. However, both branches of the templar tradition share the ability to merge their souls to form a deadly archon

    不過,這兩個神族的分支都保留了將靈魂融合的能力,融合之後就會出現一種可怕的單位? ?執政官。
  4. Most of callow stirpes are developed into assimilative branches. there is a thick layer of palisade tissue under the epidermis

  5. The research on ultra - weak bioluminescence ( uwl ) has been one of the major branches in biophotonics. the possible mechanisms of uwl and summarizes the experimental results and detecting methods are discussed in this paper