time charges earned ratio中文意思是什麼

time charges earned ratio解釋

  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • charges: 棒球隊隊員
  • earned: 無理由的應得的/有正當理由的
  • ratio: n. (pl. ratios)1. 比,比率,比值;比例;系數。2. 【經濟學】復本位制中金銀的法定比價。vt. 1. 用比例方式表達;求出…的比值;使…成比例。2. 將(相片)按比例放大或縮小。

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  1. The influences of the calcination temperature and time, the concentration ratio of deionized distilled water to c - v _ 2o _ 5 and the agitation time on the synthesis of a - v _ 2o _ 5 were studied by orthogonal array design and the interactions between the parameters were considered. so the optimum experimental factors were obtained. lithium rechargeable battery positive electrodes based on these optimum conditions could lead to experimental cells with large discharge specific capacity and good cycling performance

    用正交實驗研究了煅燒溫度、煅燒時間、去離子水與晶態v _ 2o _ 5 ( c - v _ 2o _ 5 )的濃度比和陳化時間對合成a - v _ 2o _ 5的影響,討論了這些參數間的交互作用,並獲得了最優試驗參數,以該最優試驗參數所制備的a - v _ 2o _ 5為可充鋰電池正極的實驗電池,具有較大的放電比容量和較好的循環壽命。
  2. In this paper, computer techniques and images process techniques are used to detect and extract the renal corpuscles in kidney images automatically, which facilitates the subsequent analysis to the renal corpuscles and relevant data acquisition and also has a great significance in liberating manpower, saving time, reducing misdiagnoses ratio and researching causation of kidney diseases by using of biopsy techniques

  3. Baidu to account for 80 % of total revenue in competitive rankings as an example, users click on search results every time. baidu earned 0. 3 yuan

    以佔百度總收入的80 %的競價排名業務為例,用戶對搜索結果每點擊一次,百度就賺0 . 3元。
  4. By means of wide investigation, instruments development, a series of model experiments and relative theory analysis, following results are obtained in river model time scale distortion ratio, model roughening, inflow and outflow controlling methods and equipment, new water level and velocity measuring technique, model automatic measuring and controlling system : ( 1 ) with the aid of configuration software, a large scale river model automatic measuring and controlling system is developed, realizing river model automatically controlling and basic hydraulic parameters automatically measuring

    本文通過廣泛調研、儀器研製、系列模型試驗和相關的理論分析,在河工模型時間變態率控制、模型加糙、出入流檢測方法和設備、水位流速測量新技術、模型自動測控系統等方面取得了下列成果: ( 1 )應用工控組態軟體技術,開發了一套大型河工模型自動測控系統,實現了模型內外邊界的自動控制和基本水力參數的自動量測。
  5. In figure 8 - 14 we show variations over time in the ratio of consumption to disposable personal income

    在圖8 - 14中,我們用各個時期中消費對可支配的個人收入的比率來表示這兩個變量之間的關系。