time marker中文意思是什麼

time marker解釋

  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • marker: n 1 作記號的人;打分數的人;記分器;劃線器;指示器;【無線電】指點標;(撞球等的)記分員。2 【軍...

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  1. In both definitions the lithologic-time marker is critical because it represents contemporaneity of deposition.

  2. During the research process, it is from the existing liquid sulfur heating technology - steam heating one, and comgines other several kinds of heating methods. fully comsider the relative merits of heating methods, especially do the detail discussing for utilizing the operating principle of organic carrier heating, technology process and application. giving attention to the operating specialty of harbor, at the same time consider the various kinds of requirements from customers in marker competition, to select suitable technology method in harbor transferring

    在研究過程中主要從已有的液體硫磺加熱工藝? ?蒸汽加熱工藝出發,結合其他多種加熱方式,充分考慮各種加熱方式的優缺點,尤其是對利用有機熱載體加熱的工作原理,工藝流程,應用情況進行詳細論述;兼顧港口作業生產特點,同時考慮市場競爭過程中客戶提出的各種要求等以造出適合港口中轉的工藝方式。
  3. The rest mutations in pp38 and pp24 are at random. sequence analysis also shows the first 195 nuclear acids of pp38 and pp24 are the same except for the 81 site ( g / c ), but this mutation does not cause the change of amino acid. we regard this as a genetic marker connecting with geography in the evolution of mdv but not related to isolated time and pathotype of different strain of mdv i

    對pp24基因和pp38基因進行同源性比較分析的結果表明,絕大多數毒株二者的前195個核苷酸完全一致,不同毒株間的第81位核苷酸的差異( g / c )並不引起編碼的氨基酸變化,僅僅與地域分佈有關,這很可能是mdv在長期病毒衍化過程中形成的地域性遺傳標志,而與病毒的分離年代及mdv的致病型等因素無關。
  4. " it is possible that other sedentary behaiors may hae an additie effect on risk, in that t iewing may be a marker for a broader pattern of sedentary lifestyle that includes a ariety of other forms of sitting time, " he suggested

    他還提示說: 「其它久坐行為可能產生風險疊加效應,因為看電視可能僅是更廣泛的久坐生活方式的一個標志,而這種生活方式包括其它多種久坐方式」 。
  5. As an important innate immune system, and as an important arm of the humoral immune response, the complement system is immediately ready to target and eliminate virus particles, to lysis those virions that have lipoprotein membranes, or to prevent it from entering host cells, or to marker them for destruction by other branch of the immune response. at the same time, the host normal tissue are protected from damaging by complement through recognizing the regulators of complement activation ( rca ) expressed on self cells