time receiving中文意思是什麼

time receiving解釋

  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • receiving: n. 1. 接收。2. 收買賊贓。adj. 接受的;收報的。

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  1. So, sichuan demotic congress took back the managerial right from sichuan mingri enterprise ( group ) co. ltd. however, at that time, dacheng hotel had been like a patient with poor health : the hardware facilities had been destroyed badly and the staff had almost got away, the hotel could not keep its receiving ability at all

  2. Viewers in southeast asia receiving the satellite simulcast via sun tv, please convert the broadcast times, taking into account differences in time zones

  3. We have set up a perfect sale and after - sale service network in china, receiving keen appreciation from the broad masses of users, and at the same time take and active part in the international competition, selling our products to more than 30 countries and regions, american, such as uk, france, korea and mideast countries

  4. For example, it can make documents of doc, xls, jpeg, and tiff in one window ; and can accomplish interchanges between paper files and electronic files, and the receiving and sending of electronic mail. at the same time, the dc285 is a superior fax system ; it creates an unparalleled working environment of paperless fax

    如使doc , xls , jpeg , tiff文本在同一視窗內操作紙質文件與電子文件互換電子郵件收發等,同時dc285還是一個超級傳真系統並史無前例的開創了無紙化傳真的辦公環境。
  5. Is the elapsed time between putting the first bit on the transport medium on the sender side and receiving this bit on the receiver side