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  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • dependent: adj. 1. 依靠的,依賴的。2. 從屬的,隸屬的,【語法】從屬的。3. 由…決定的。4. 下垂的,懸吊的。n. 1. 受贍養者,靠人生活的人。2. 扈從,侍從。3. 依存[從屬]物。
  • variation: n 1 變化,變動。2 變量,變度,偏差。3 【語言】語尾變化;變體,異體;【數學】變分,協變;順列;【...

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  1. The solvent effects on the nonlinear optical properties of pna molecule are also chiefly studied on the base of time dependent density functional theory

  2. An anisotropic time - dependent trinal - yield - surface model for the stress - strain - time behavior of soft clay

  3. In chapter 2, a schrodinger formulation for paraxial light beam propagation of the real and comprehensive refractive indexes is represented. the equation for the atom laser beam wave - function is also given by a schrodinger equation, which is similar to the equation of the time - dependent system. therefore, it is possible to investigate the propagation of an atom laser beam

  4. Chapter 4 time - dependent computational simulation of the response of cable - suspension feed system in gusty wind based on the time - independent structure finite element method, and with consideration of the movement laws of cabin, a 3 - d time - dependent structure finite element model formulated by a new method named iss method ( instantaneous structure supposition method ) to deal with the vibration response of cable - suspension feed system in gusty wind is presented. in the model, all sources of geometric non - linearity, cable sag and changes of cable geometry due to large displacement, are fully considered

    基於時不變結構的有限單元法,在綜合考慮饋源艙運動規律的基礎上,提出了時變系統的瞬時結構假定法,通過將懸索離散為索桿單元,建立了系統的時變有限元模型,該模型充分考慮了懸索的垂度和大變形等幾何非線性因素,應用ne 。
  5. We examin e the generation of bell state in bose - einstein condensates of two interacting species trapped in a double - well configuration analytically and the density of probability for finding the entangled bell state is given. we find that the oscillation amplitude of the probability of density for finding the entangled bell state becomes greater as the ratio of the interspecies interaction strength and the tunneling rate increases, moreover the self - interaction strength of the component a ( b ) has no effect on it. also we use the time - dependent su ( 2 ) gauge transformation to diagonalize the hamilton operator, obtain the berry phase and analytically the time - evolution operator

    此外我們還研究了在雙阱玻色-愛因斯坦凝聚中糾纏態的演化,研究發現隨著組分間相互作用和隨穿率的比值的增加系統演化到bell態的概率變大,而且組分自身內在的相互作用對形成bell態的幾率沒有影響;並且用含時su ( 2 )規范變換對角化哈密頓量得到了系統的berry位相和時間演化算符,並研究了量子隨穿過程。