toleranceto high altitude中文意思是什麼

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  • high: adj 1 高的〈指物,形容人的身高用 tall〉;高處的;高地的。2 高級的,高等的,高位的,重要的。3 高尚...
  • altitude: n. 1. 高,高度;海拔(高度)。2. 【天文學】地平緯度。3. 〈常 pl. 〉高處。4. 高位,高等。5. 【數學】頂垂線,高線。

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  1. Job burnout of nurses working at high altitude area

  2. Aircraft destined for mainland may overfly the new territories but would be at a relatively high altitude

  3. The serum concentration of some kinds of trace element in patients with polycythemia in high altitude

  4. Cultivation techniques of film - mulching stock beet in high altitude and humid areas in tianzhu county

  5. Our leading varieties include more than 100 types of trucks such as water truck, fecal sucktion truck, garbage truck, refuse compactor, sewage sucktion truck, fuel tank, high - altitude operation truck, truck with crane, dump truck, instructional truck, van truck, semi - trailer, fire engine, spares, refrigerator truck, water wagon, tractor, high - altitude water truck, bulk cement truck, chemical liquid truck, concrete mixer truck, ect. our company has solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipments, reliant quality and flexible modes of operation

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