tolerate no division中文意思是什麼

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  • tolerate: vt 忍受;容忍;寬容,默認,容許;有耐藥性[力]。 to tolerate only praise and no criticism 只讓人表...
  • no: adj 1 〈加在單數名詞前,相當于冠詞 a an 的否定形式〉(一個也)沒有。 Is there a book on the table...
  • division: n 1 分,分開,分割;分劃,區分。2 分配;分派。3 分裂,(意見)不一致,傾軋。4 區域;〈英國〉選區...

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  1. Unfortunately, while the iron curtain is thankfully no more, a new division is emerging

  2. Three weeks after the schaumburg, ill. - based telecommunications - equipment maker announced that it was considering a sale or spinoff of its troubled mobile - devices division, no buyers have emerged

  3. The other traditional valentine ' s day activity that no girlfriend would tolerate missing out on is of course the candlelight dinner

  4. Send friants division. though there was no advantage of any kind in sending friants division rather than clapardes, and there was obvious inconvenience and delay now in turning back claparde and despatching friant, the order was carried out

  5. Cleanliness : tolerate no uncleanness in body, clothes or habitation