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    1. Benitez could travel to italy directly from athens, and cerro porteno president luis pettengill says that talks are at an advanced stage

    2. On the afternoon of december 29, 2003, in celebration of the 2004 new year holiday and as a way to share our dear masters love for humanity, panama center initiates distributed blankets, fruit and food bags containing over twenty items to the poorest inhabitants of rancho cafe in cerro azul blue mountain, a community forty - five minutes from panama city

      為了慶祝2004新年的到來,並分享親愛的師父對眾生的愛,巴拿馬同修於2003年12月29日下午前往咖啡農莊rancho cafe社區,發送毛毯水果和裝有二十餘種食品的食物禮袋給區內最貧窮的同胞,此社區位於藍山blue mountain ,距巴拿馬市約45分鐘車程。
    3. Battle of cerro gordo