ton per shift中文意思是什麼

ton per shift解釋

  • ton: n 1 噸〈(a)重量單位,英噸=2,240磅 (=long ton= gross ton),美噸 =2,000磅 (=short ton)...
  • per:
  • shift: vt 1 變動;改變;搬移;移動;轉移;變換;替換;更換。2 推卸;轉嫁。3 消除;撤除。4 【語言學】變換...

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  1. So we would have no engel effects to discuss: if income per capita did not change, demand would not be induced shift toward luxuries or toward staples.

  2. Absent revenues from sales to oil field operators, applying ccs to new coal plants using current technology would be the least - cost path only if the cost of emitting co2 were at least $ 25 to $ 30 per metric ton

    如果沒有販售二氧化碳給油田的利潤,對採用現有技術的新設燃煤電廠而言,唯有當排放二氧化碳的成本為每公噸至少25 ~ 30美元時,採行ccs才會是最低成本的一步。
  3. The market here is very active and the best price we can obtain is us $ 135 per long ton

  4. Information indicates that some parcels of south korean make3 have been sold at the level of $ 155 per long ton

  5. Having considered that there is no information showing that the number of bus models or bus routes operated by a bus driver per shift has adverse impact on bus safety, we do not have any plan to introduce additional guidelines on the above aspects