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  • ton: n 1 噸〈(a)重量單位,英噸=2,240磅 (=long ton= gross ton),美噸 =2,000磅 (=short ton)...
  • registered: adj 登記過的,注過冊的;記名的;掛號的。 a registered design [trade mark] 注冊圖案[商標]。 a regi...

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  1. Adjudication on cancellation of improperly registered trademark

  2. ( saudi light crude oil ? 3 millions bbls monthly, 36 months. the buyer should be registered with aramco

  3. Article 21 in applying for the assignment of a registered trademark, the assignor and the assignee shall file one application for assignment of a registered trademark with the trademark office

  4. In some areas, large numbers of young persons attend religious services at both registered and unregistered places of worship. official religious organizations administer local bible schools, 54 catholic and protestant seminaries, nine institutes to train imams and islamic scholars and numerous institutes to train buddhist monks. students who attend these institutes must demonstrate " political reliability, " and all graduates must pass an examination on their theological and political knowledge to qualify for the clergy

    在某些地區,大批年輕人在已登記和沒有登記的宗教場所參加宗教活動。官方宗教組織管理地方聖經學校、 54個天主教和新教神學院、 9個培養伊瑪目和伊斯蘭學者的學院以及很多培養佛教僧侶的佛學院。在這些學院受教育的學生必須「政治上可靠」 ,畢業生還必須通過神學和政治知識考試才能成為神職人員。
  5. Once registered, a trade union becomes a body corporate and enjoys immunity from certain civil suits