tooth-ripple loss中文意思是什麼

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  • tooth: n (pl teeth)1 牙齒。2 齒狀突出,輪齒,鋸齒,耙齒(等)。3 嗜好。4 〈常 pl 〉(像牙齒那樣能咬人...
  • ripple: n 1 漣漪,皺波,漣波;漣波聲,潺潺聲;細小急流;(頭發等的)波浪形,鬈曲;(沙上的)波痕 (=ripp...
  • loss: n. 1. 喪失;丟失,遺失。2. 減損,損失,虧損(額);損耗;減少,下降。3. 失敗;輸掉。4. 錯過;浪費。5. 損毀;【軍事】傷亡;〈pl. 〉 傷亡及被俘人數。

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  1. And increased seerity of periodontitis, for example with recent tooth loss, had the greatest risk

  2. The interleaving two - transistor forward converter succeeds to the advantages of the two - transistor forward converter, it has two units working alternately, the power loss of the converter is distributed and the output voltage ripple frequency is twice of the switching frequency

  3. Because of the clamping capacitor and the interleaved structure, it has some good features compared with other flyback converters, such as : the topology is simple and can be realized easily ; the voltage spike of the power switch is availably restrained and without leakage - inductance energy loss ; the ripple of the input and output current is reduced, correspondingly, the volume and weight of the output and input filter is also significantly reduced

  4. Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial condition associated with receding gums and tooth loss

  5. Actually, most tooth loss results from disease of the teeth such as periodontal disease and dental caries. we can all keep our teeth longer by maintaining good oral health