top convergence中文意思是什麼

top convergence解釋

  • top: n (opp bottom foot)1 頂,頂部,頂端。2 頭,頭頂;尖端;樹梢,樹頂;(事物的)上層部分。3 最高位...
  • convergence: n. 1. 聚合,會聚,輻輳,匯合。2. 集合點;【數、物】收斂;【生物學】趨同(現象)。

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  2. The results indicated that, the total quanlity of major soil microbes declined, of which the minesoils was decreased by 68. 43 % ~ 80. 32 % in the top soil ( 0 - 20cm ) compared with that of the non - minesoils. the proportion of bacteria and actinomyces in the amount microbes decreased, while that of fungi not obviously changed

    結果表明:海洲香薷是銅礦區典型的耐銅性植物( elsholtziaharchowensis ) ,植物體中的重金屬元素含量表現為cu zn pb cd , cu與土壤元素的相關性最為顯著,其次為zn 。
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    包括由澳門郵政發行的文學與人物紅樓夢(二)一套六枚郵票(圖上左) 、由英國皇家郵政發行的英女皇登基金禧紀念一套五枚郵票(圖上右)和由紐西蘭郵政發行的魔戒一套六枚自動黏貼郵票(圖下) 。
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  5. By working together, dvn and motorola will be able to capitalize on each company s respective strengths, and hence accelerate the deployment of digital home terminals ( also known as set top boxes ) in china. " with video, data, and voice beginning to converge around the world, motorola with its strengths in broadband and hardware ; and dvn with its presence in china and strengths in application software for the china market, will be able to provide the technology to facilitate this convergence in china