topographic symbol中文意思是什麼

topographic symbol解釋

  • topographic: adj. 地誌的,地形(學上)的;地形測量的。 a topographic drawing 地形圖。 a topographic machine 【航空】歪斜矯正機。
  • symbol: n. 1. 記號,符號。2. 象徵,表徵。3. 【宗教】信條。vt. ,vi. (-l(l)-) 〈罕用語〉=symbolize.

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  1. Mendelian gene is not a real physical entity but an abstraction or symbol.

  2. And then facing the problem of the channel estimation of the adaptive modulation system, we conclude out the channel estimation algorithms on maximum likelihood ( ml ) estimation and maximum a posteriori ( map ) estimation under the condition of flat fading channel and selective fading channel in detail. to meet flat fading channel, we simulate the relationship of the ratio between the error covariance in map estimation and ml estimation and pilot symbol message length. the conclusion can be drawn from these results

    接著,對自適應調制系統中的通道估計問題難點,詳細推導了平衰落通道條件下和選擇性衰落通道條件下最大似然( ml )估計和最大后驗概率( map )估計演算法,針對平衰落通道,我們模擬了map估計和ml估計的方差與導頻符號長度的關系,模擬結果表明,錯誤方差受多譜勒頻率的變化影響最大,並且對實際的自適應調制系統,導頻符號長度的取值超過20個符號長度時, map通道估計明顯優于ml通道估計。
  3. The ampersand symbol may be used instead of the and keyword to represent the and operator

    可以使用和符號( & )代替關鍵字and來表示and運算符。
  4. The swastika was a very popular symbol in ancient turkey, where it was frequently applied by the smiths of anatolia

  5. Other legacies include the adoption of the cross as a symbol, the doctrine of the trinity, growth of belief in an afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead, the anno domini method of reckoning years, and celebrations at christmas and easter