topology automaton中文意思是什麼

topology automaton解釋

  • topology: n. 地學志;【數學】拓撲學;拓撲(結構);【解剖學】局部解剖學。adj. -ical
  • automaton: n. (pl. automatons, -ta )1. 自動物;自動玩具;自動開關;自動裝置。2. 機械式工作的人。

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  1. So the storage structure of finite automaton should the choosed adjacency lists

  2. Rectification and topology base on stl model is researched, too. the contour information is obtained by using slice technology ; the delaunay triangular meshes are generated by using delaunay triangulation algorithm and conglutinate precision of divided models is insured by using precise orientation technique. in addition, triangle scan is accomplished based on delaunay triangulation algorithm

  3. Constitutionally - endorsed censorship : the topology of power network and the game principle in institutional reform

  4. Not only does go - space provide rich examples, but also go - space buildes a bridge between general topology and related mathem atics branches, such as lattics theory, domain theory, graph theory, real number theory, etc. thus it is very important in theory and reality to study go - space

    在go -空間中,不僅給一般拓撲學提供了精彩豐富的例證,而且架設了一般拓撲學和相關數學分支的橋梁,如格論、 domain理論、圖論及實數理論等等。
  5. As we all known, with the founding of euclidean geometry in ancient greece, with the development of analytic geometry and other kinds of geometries, with f. kline " s erlanger program in 1872 and the new developments of geometry in 20th century such as topology and so on, man has developed their understand of geometry. on the other hand, euclid formed geometry as a deductive system by using axiomatic theory for the first time. the content and method of geometry have dramatically changed, but the geometry curriculum has not changed correspondingly until the first strike from kline and perry " s appealing