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  • tower: n 塔,樓塔;城堡;碉堡;要害地;〈罕用語〉(負傷鳥的)筆直向上飛;〈美國〉鐵路信號所。 a bell tow...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • power: n 1 力,力量;能力;體力,精力;(生理)機能;〈常 pl 〉才能。2 勢力,權力,權限;威力;政權;權...

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  1. They laughed at order and at law, but the frown of power dejected, and the eye of wisdom abashed them.

  2. The abm in pspice and its application in teaching of power electronic

  3. The alkalescence battery of power source of : 1x90, low news

    電源: 1x90堿性電池.低電
  4. Determination of power - law flow field in annulus line with piv technology

  5. Type nhss wire rope pulling hoist is widely suitable for use in bridge - construction, laying of large - size pipes, installation and adjusting of machinery an electric apparatus, and large reaction tower of petrochemical industry ; the installation and alignment of storage tanks ; erecting, fitting, welding and alignment of masts, steel concrete timber structures ; laying and translocating of rails and sleepers ; loading and unloading bulky heavy goods during transportation. cable tensioning ; demolishing of gallery supporting logs ; stacking forrestry wood ; and othersimilar cases. the hoist of this series is especially suitable for use in narrow working sites of limited space, where the job is high above the ground or in open air places, in tunnel of deep well, where no power for traction or lifting is available