tracking lag中文意思是什麼

tracking lag解釋

  • lag: vi ( gg )1 延遲,逗留,落後;慢條斯理地走。2 未充分發展。3 【電學】滯后。4 慢慢地減少,變弱,鬆...

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  1. The tracking scheme can track the variance of the mimo channel and further reduce system cost. finally, we introduce an mqam sm - ofdm adaptive power and bits allo - cation scheme

  2. For the h control problem, the control scheme guarantees to stabilize the system fast. for the tracking control problem, the control scheme makes the output of the system track the anticipant signals fast

  3. Load balancer with cookie - based session tracking

  4. The dynamic lag error of servo system, the error caused by disturbing moment and the influence of ship motion to tracking performance are also described

  5. Moreover, its interior pll circuit substitutes traditional pll. as a result, the presented design not only overcomes some shortcoming of traditional circuit such as tracking speed and accuracy, but also gets rid of response lag time and multi - phase noise. the system design is also important to improve our country ' s fault diagnosis standard

    而該系統內部鎖相電路代替了傳統方法中的pll ,因此,提出此系統設計不僅能夠克服基於傳統鎖相環電路的等轉角采樣方法跟蹤精度低、速度慢和使用不便等特點,還能克服電路中的由於不可避免的響應延遲時間所導致的不適合快速的列車運行及過多的相位噪聲問題,對于推動我國鐵路故障在線診斷技術的應用普及具有重要意義。