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  • trade: n 1 貿易;商業,交易;零售商。2 職業;行業;(鐵匠、木匠等的)手藝。3 〈the trade 〉〈集合詞〉同...
  • mark: n 馬克〈男子名,Marcus 的異體〉。n 【宗教】(基督教《聖經》中的篇名)《馬可福音》;《馬可福音》的...
  • administration: n 1 管理,掌管,經營;〈英國〉行政,施政。2 行政機關,局[處、署];〈A 主美〉政府。3 給與;施行。4...

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  1. It has been 10 years when jiangying city xinchen clothing trade mark factory and it ‘ ‘ s correlated enterprise jiangying city yongchen clothing co., ltd. are set up in 1992, within that 10 years, we has been getting big progress with quality ‘, today, at the area of jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai, we are one of the best quality and largest scale enterprises. now, our enterprise is engaged in producing special trade labels and decorations labels. such as corium label, reflectve light label, pu skin color changing label, pvc label, plastics comples label, drop plastics label etc. they are widely used for clothing, trunk and package, shoes and hat, gloves etc., getting good economy for many guests

    江陰市新成服飾商標廠及其相關企業江陰市永成服飾有限公司自一九九二年創辦至今已整十年了,十年中我們本著「以品種求發展,以質量求生存的企業理念,不斷進取.如今本企業專門從事生產真皮商標、反光標、 pu變色皮標、 pvc標、塑料復合標、滴塑標等特種商標、標飾,被廣泛應用於服裝、箱包、鞋帽、手套等各類產品之上,為廣大客戶取得了良好的經濟效益。
  2. Borrowing ideas from the solving models on conflicts between trade mark and domain name privileges in international community, we provide favourable legal system environment for the development of traditional conomy and cybereconomy by establishing valid domain name registration review mechanism 、 reasonably restricting rights of trademark obligees 、 forbidding reverse cyber - squatting conducts 、 citing the law of against unfair competition 、 and by establishing specialized agency solving conflicts on domain name 、 perfecting dissidence system and regarding whether “ malice ” as requisite important subjective document

  3. Promotes sound trade union administration, encourages responsible trade unionism and protects the interests of trade union members

  4. How long will the registered trade-mark remain valid ?

  5. Hotel is the first foreign toursim one of henan province, ever being the significant of henan hotel enterprises, located in the commerce adn trade district, administration area, convention and exhibitions centre. during the two years of 1995, 1996, it was honored as one of hundred hotels of china, and has ever recived many leader of countries and governments

    中州國際飯店位於鄭州市商貿區行政區會展中心曾是河南酒店業的標志河南首家涉外旅遊酒店, 95 96年連續兩年被評為全國酒店業百強,曾接待過許多國家元首,政府首腦。