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  • training: n 訓練,教練,練習;鍛煉;(馬等的)調馴;(槍炮、攝影機等的)瞄準,對準;【園藝】整枝法。 be in ...
  • rocket: n 火箭;火箭彈,火箭發動機;火箭式投射器;〈英俚〉斥責。 a carrier [freight] rocket 載運火箭。 an...

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  1. With the continuous training under the handlers, sasha and dexter will be capable of identifying up to 14 kinds of hydrocarbon accelerant

  2. The russian rocket launchers provided an accompaniment

  3. Simulation and training system of an acetic acid plant

  4. Effects of relaxation training and abdominal breathing on t - wave and heart rate of college students under stress

  5. As a recruit, you need to attend a series of training and the times in the universe, manipulate the spacecraft is operating compulsory oh game : with the cursor keys, , said that the left and right to control the direction of the rocket, stop it suitable location

    作為一個新兵,你需要接受一系列的訓練,而在宇宙時代,操縱飛船是必修課哦游戲操作:用光標鍵「 」 , 「 」分別表示, 「左」 , 「右」來控制火箭的方向,把它停到合適的位置。