vt. 及物動詞 橫切,橫斷。
n. 名詞 【林業】樣條。
a belt transect 樣帶。


    1. This cline exists along a transect from the sacramento valley to near the crest of the sierra nevada mountains.

    2. The paper establishes a ecological transect, with a length of 90 km and width of 16 km, utilizing the part of tm data on 16th august 1998, from harbin to the natural secondary forests in maoershan, heilongjiang province. with supervised classification, the tm data which had been corrected and enhanced via erdas, combining the data of gps in the field, was classified by seven types including : residential area, glebe, paddy field

      本論文利用1998年8月16日的tm衛星數據的一部分,設置從黑龍江省哈爾濱市到帽兒山天然次生林區,長90km ,寬16km的生態研究樣帶。通過用erdas對衛星數據的校正、圖像增強等處理,結合gps野外實地調查數據,進行有監督分類。共分為7種類型:居民點、旱田、水田、河流、灌叢、闊葉林、針葉林,並建立了衛星影像分類解譯標志。
    3. Growth indices of artificial cultivated hedysarummaxim. are studied by line transect methods, species diversity indices are calculated to study the sand - fixing effects of hedysarummaxim

    4. This study aims at censusing of the panda population, panda ' s exploitation of habitats and impacts of various human activities on the giant pandas and its habitats. the route transect method was used and plots were set along the route in each valley at wanglang

    5. The east transect was classified thirty five vegetation types using ndvi data from 1995 - 1996 by gis technique. the paper concludes that the ndvi from meteorological satellite is sensitive indicator of vegetation growing condition, times series curves of ndvi can truly curve vegetation growing principle by drawing the seasonal change curve of ndvi data by three groups. the paper also concludes that the forest ' s ndvi curve is commonly single apex, while farmland ' s or shrub ' s curve is mostly double apex, the peak value of forest ' s ndvi is commonly higher than grassland, farmland and some other vegetation types

      應用地理信息系統技術處理1995 - 1996年1kmndvi數據,將南方樣帶劃分為35類,分三組繪制35類植被的ndvi季節變化曲線,得出氣象衛星ndvi是反映植被生長狀況的敏感指示器, ndvi時間序列曲線真實地刻畫出植被的生長規律;經分析得知森林ndvi曲線一般為單峰曲線,而農田灌叢多為雙峰曲線;森林ndvi峰值一般高於草原、農田等其它類型。