transfer bogie中文意思是什麼

transfer bogie解釋

  • transfer: n 1 移轉,轉送;調職;調任[轉學]證書;變換。2 (財產;權利等的)轉讓,讓與(證書),移轉,授受;...
  • bogie: n. 1. = bogy. 2. 【鐵路】轉向架。3. 〈美空軍俚〉來路不明的飛機。4. 〈英口〉(運石料等的)低座四輪卡車。

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  1. Superficially it is quite safe to phase advance an accelerometer signal as the error signal has been filtered by the servo and the alrframe transfer function.

  2. Adat automatic data accumulator and transfer

  3. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer quenching method for determination of arsenic with acridine orange - rhodamine b

  4. This thesis firstly introduces new demands of aerial product logistics support under high - tech war and some defects of traditional logistics support, and puts forward a kind of system model of aerial product logistics support following data - sharing of cals, and emphasizes detm. secondly it sets forth application of step and xml in the ietm, researchs conversion of xml schema and relation schema, and simply researchs mapping of xml and express. afterword, a based - xml framework of info - transfer between different platform are presented, according to this framework, the author establish a archetypal system of helicopter information query system based xml and dbms

  5. Bear hiring authority to make over is to be inside the deadline that rent, tenant leases the building the right obligation in the contract to transfer the 3rd person entirely, replace tenant by the 3rd person, continue to fulfill this building to rent a contract to lessor directly, this the 3rd person cries bear the alienee that hires advantageous position