transferred electron effect中文意思是什麼

transferred electron effect解釋

  • transferred: 或轉植
  • electron: n. 【物理學】電子。 the electron beam 電子束。 the electron theory 電子(學)說。
  • effect: n 1 結果。2 效能,效果,效力,效應,作用,功效;影響。3 感觸,印象;外觀,現象。4 旨趣,意義。5 ...

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  1. In section one, by using fice scheme and time - gcm, a model of trace gases and oh airglow affected by gravity wave is set up, then the propagation of nonlinear gravity wave and the effect on trace gases and oh airglow are analyzed. the result shows gravity wave excited by tropospause forcing can propagate stably to the mesosphere through the stratosphere so that energy and momentum can be transferred from one region to another. in this process, gravity wave undergoes growth, overturning, convection and breaking

    在第一部分的工作中,利用全隱歐拉格式和全球熱層-電離層-中間層-電動力學環流耦合模式( time - gcm ) ,對重力波的非線性傳播及其在傳播過程中對中高層大氣中氧族和氫族成分和與之密切相關的oh氣輝輻射的影響進行了數值模擬,結果表明,從對流層向上傳播的重力波經歷了產生、發展、飽和、對流產生直至破碎的非線性演化,大氣的非等溫結構加速了重力波在中層頂區的破碎,重力波的非線性傳播是小尺度對流和湍流產生的一個重要的源。
  2. Effect of bound electron screening on neutrino capture

  3. The photocatalytic activities of the xw11 / tio2 ( x = p, si, ge ) composite films were tested via degradation of aqueous azo - dyes, congo red ( cr ) and naphthol blue black ( nbb ). it was observed that the photocatalytic activities of the three composite films are much higher than that of the pure tio2 film, mainly attributed to the synergetic effect between xw11 and tio2, i. e., xw11 - catalyzed electron transfer from the conduction band ( cb ) of photoexicited tio2 to itself

    結果表明三種復合膜均具有遠高於純tio _ 2膜的活性,主要歸因於復合膜材料中多金屬氧酸鹽和tio _ 2之間存在的協同效應,即作為強電子受體的多金屬氧酸鹽接受tio _ 2受光激發形成的導帶光生電子,延長了空穴-電子的再復合時間,同時自身仍具有光活性。
  4. The electrical conductance of the gold / polymer composite films was tunable, and a low resistivity of the order of 10 ~ ( - 4 ) cm was yield. the conducting mechanism was not determined, perhaps the tunnel effect and the foreign - substance - electron - transfer should be considered

    聚合物金納米粒子復合薄膜的電阻率可調,電阻率最低可達10 ~ ( - 4 ) ? cm量級,導電機制可能與隧道效應及雜質離子導電有關。
  5. Ferrocene entrapped in the carbon paste was used as a mediator of transferred electron. under the catalysis of iaa oxidase containing in the pant tissue, iaa can be easily oxidized

    該傳感器以包埋在碳糊內的二茂鐵作為電子傳遞媒介,在綠豆芽葉片組織所含酶的催化下,能較好的氧化iaa 。