transgenic wheat of disease resistance中文意思是什麼

transgenic wheat of disease resistance解釋

  • transgenic: adj. 【生物化學】轉基因的,(物種)通過轉基因培育的。
  • wheat: n. 1. 【植物;植物學】小麥。2. 〈美俚〉生手;老實人[青年];鄉下人。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • disease: n. 1. 病,疾病;【植物;植物學】病害。2. (精神等的)病態,弊病。3. (酒等的)變質;(食物等的)腐敗。4. 〈廢語〉不安。
  • resistance: n. 1. 抵抗,反抗,抗拒,抵禦;敵對,抵抗力,反抗力,阻力,【生物學】抗病性。2. 【電學】電阻;阻抗;電阻器。

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  1. Changes in proteins within germinating seeds of transgenic wheat with an antisense construct directed gainst the thioredoxin

  2. In normal greenhouse condition, coda - transgenic wheat lines ( to ) had the same plant morphorlogy and pollen i2 - ki staining rate as untransformed control plant. after treating with 300 mm of 5 - fc, however, changes in configurations of spikelet, floret and anther have been observed in the transgenic lines but not in the control, and 50 % gus - positive lines displayed outside - opened glume, abnormal stamen, smaller and thinner anther, shorter filament, and failure of selfing. in parts of 5 - fc - treated transgenic lines, the pollen staining rate by i2 - ki was much lower than that of untransformed control

    溫室栽培的轉基因小麥苗( t _ 0 )未噴5 - fc處理時植株外部形態和花粉碘-碘化鉀染色的著色率與未轉基因的對照沒有差異;用300mm的5 - fc處理后,發現有50 gus陽性株系與對照有明顯的區別,表現為小穗穎殼外張,花絲短縮,花藥發育不良,較小、黃白色且花粉粒少,自花不授粉,無外來花粉授粉則不結實。
  3. The sequence analysis indicated that eight of the nine analogues contained the conserved motifs of nbs - lrr of disease resistant genes, such as p - loop ( kinase la ), kinase 2, kinase 3a and trans - membrane domain. the sequence of amino acid of clone cr271 was highly homologic ( 61 % identify and 76 % similarity ) to blight resistance gene xal of rice to xanthomonas oryzae pv

    然後進行了序列的測定,通過全序列分析,結果表明:所獲得的8個抗病基因同源序列均含有nbs - lrr類抗病基因的保守序列,如p - loop ( kinase1a ) 、 kinase2 、 kinase3a以及跨膜結構域等。
  4. The disease resistance of 72 varieties ( or lines ) of wheat to wheat scab in qinghai existing agricultural production has been identified by field plot experiment at present for two years

  5. According to the breeding practice, it puts forward the model of wheat yield structure, the characteristics of dry - land varieties and the objectives to breed new varieties with drought resistance, cold resistance, disease - resistance and high quality