transitional parliament中文意思是什麼

transitional parliament解釋

  • parliament: n. 1. 議會,國會;立法機構。2. 〈P-〉英國[加拿大]議會;〈P-〉(1789年法國大革命前的)最高法院。3. 中古世紀弗羅倫薩 (Florence) 的武人集會。4. 薄姜餅。

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  2. Then it might singe the backsides of some of those snotty-nosed shufflers in parliament.

  3. Parliament would be touchy about bartering british soil for ships.

  4. Member, danish parliament ; honorary president of permanent international peace bureau, berne, switzerland

  5. Many people in durban were very happy to help in the preparations for master s lecture. although they had never heard of master and were not even initiated, volunteers, including a city councillor and a former member of parliament, often worked late into the night. two companies printed the african sample booklet and flyer by working overtime on the weekend