音標 [trænz'miʃən]
n. 名詞 遞送;傳遞;傳達;傳染;移轉;【機械工程】傳動;傳遞;變速器;聯動機件;【無線電】傳送;發射;播送;通話;傳輸;【物理學】發射,發送;透射;傳導;【生,醫】遺傳;傳染。
beam transmission 定向發射,束射發送。
directive transmission 定向發射。
transmission oil 潤滑油。
adj. 形容詞 -missive


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    2. In this article i do a lot of analysis for the data formed in the mobile samples with the basis of the research of data mining, mainly including : it analyses and summarizes the theory and technology of data, especially the further discussion of the data mining algorithm for time sequential. it introduces the course of the test curve of the power transmission system of electric mobile and discusses the technology and methods of pretreatment for curve data. it studies and develops the antitype system for the analyses of test curve data of the power transmission system of electric mobile with the mining and analysis of test curve data of the power transmission system of electric mobile and the basis of the algorithm of time sequential

    3. Apts automatic picture transmission system

    4. Tesh, r. b. and d. a. shroyer 1980 the mechanism of arbovirus transovarial transmission in mosquitoes : san angelo virus in aedes albopictus. am. j. trop. mod. hyg., 29 ( 6 ) : 1 394 1 404

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    5. The channel coding technology can avouch the reliable message transmission and have some considerable coding gains