音標 [træns'pɔ:t]
vt. 及物動詞 1. 運輸,運送,輸送。
2. 【歷史】處流刑,流放。
3. 殺死。
4. 〈常用被動語態〉使心情極度激動,使欣喜若狂,使心曠神怡。
n. 名詞 1. 運輸,運送;轉運;運輸機關;運輸船;運輸機。
2. 心曠神怡,欣喜若狂。
3. 流放犯。


    1. Special scheme for transport adaptabilities of h

    2. The issue of vehicular access will be addressed in the study, in consultation with afd and the transport department ( td )

    3. Attending to procedures for ships entry into and departure from the port and arranging for pilotage, ships berth and loading discharging ; 2. preparing documents and, subject to authorization, signing bills of lading, contract of affreightment, ships dispatch demurrage agreements and collecting money and settling payment ; 3. canvassing cargoes, arranging passenger transport, accepting cargo space booking on behalf of the carrier, and attending to procedures for shipments and transshipment of cargoes ; 4

      公司的業務范圍包括: 1辦理船舶進出港口手續,聯系安排引航靠泊和裝卸2繕制單證,代簽提單運輸合同速譴滯期協議,代收代付款項3承攬貨物和組織客源代辦接受定艙業務以及貨物的托運和中轉4聯系水上救助協辦海商海事5辦理船舶集裝箱以及貨物的報關手續6代辦船舶船員旅客或貨物的有關事項。
    4. Railway transport equipment. air brake and air pipes. 25 mm brake - hose connecting nipple

      鐵路運輸設備.空氣制動裝置和空氣導管. 25毫米制動軟管連接管頭
    5. Temporary traffic and transport arrangement in ap lei chau