trapeang rung中文意思是什麼

trapeang rung解釋

  • rung: rung1ring2 的過去分詞。n. 1. 梯級,梯子(等)的橫檔;車輻;〈罕用語〉(船的)地板料。2. (地位等的上升)一級。

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  1. It is "deep-freezing" that has really rung down the curtain on american cookery.

  2. A letter may be compressed into a thin spiral roll, not differing much in shape or bulk from a large knitting-needle, and in this from it might be inserted into the rung of a chair, for example.

  3. When the curtain was rung down on the first performance, the audience broke into enthusiastic applause

  4. "get out!" he exclaimed, lifting his feet to the rung of the chair.

  5. Murmured leonide, who strummed none but operatic airs on her piano. meanwhile the countess sabine had rung

    萊奧妮德低聲說道, 「她平時只在鋼琴上彈些輕歌劇曲子。 」