travelling saw中文意思是什麼

travelling saw解釋

  • travelling: adj. 旅行的,游歷的;流動的,移動的。n. 旅行,游歷;流動(劇團);移動;滑走。 travelling expenses 旅費,盤費。
  • saw: saw1see 的過去式。n 格言,諺語〈通常冠用 old 或 wise〉。n 1 鋸,鋸機。 2 【動物;動物學】鋸齒狀器...

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  1. I saw the foolish, abashed expression on wrestrum's face relaxed.

  2. But destiny, in the shape of the rev. mr. nasmyth, came between me and miss temple : i saw her in her travelling dress step into a post - chaise, shortly after the marriage ceremony ; i watched the chaise mount the hill and disappear beyond its brow ; and then retired to my own room, and there spent in solitude the greatest part of the half - holiday granted in honour of the occasion

  3. At the governors house, alpatitch found a great number of people, and saw cossacks, and a travelling carriage belonging to the governor at the entrance

  4. Then seating themselves, they took their meal : and looking up, they saw a travelling band of ishmaelites, coming from gilead on their way to egypt, with spices and perfumes on their camels

  5. The officers spotted seven to eight vehicles travelling along tuen mun road at very high speed and trying to flee when the drivers of these vehicles saw the police roadblock at the junction of yuk hong street