treble kiln floor中文意思是什麼

treble kiln floor解釋

  • treble: adj. ,n. 三倍(的),三重(的);【音樂】最高音部(的);尖銳刺耳(的);高音(的)。vt. ,vi. (使)成為三倍,增加兩倍。
  • kiln: n. 窯。vt. 在窯里燒制[烘乾]。
  • floor: n 1 地板,地面。2 (樓房的)層。3 (船底的)肋板。4 (海洋、山洞等的)底。5 議員席;經紀人席。6 ...

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  1. On the second floor, mammals are exhibited, what are more fantastic are africa tropical grassland animals and australia marsupial animals ; on the right side, minerals, rocks and precious stones are exhibited and there is also special show room for aerolites

  2. Aida ask the boys to follow him into the gym, and made them sit on the floor

  3. There is an alarm bells in the corridor on the … floor

  4. If if the patient is ok, so oneself ambulate, so it is good the armrest consolidate of stair to be about, and board of every a flight of stairs wants a shop to have prevent slippery establishment, such not only good climb, and the patient also can prop up building of climb down of floor place type to come with limb

  5. The company occupies the whole floor space 67, 033m, and 43, 751m areas of structure, in which production area is 31, 971m. the assembly shop is equipped with 2 sets of 100t cranes and an exclusive railway, and brings in the crosscut wires from germany georg company in type tba me - 800x5, 000and 250kw vapor phase kiln drier from abb norway ni company

    公司總佔地面積67033平方米,建築面積43751平方米,其中生產面積31971平方米。裝配車間內裝有100t吊車2臺和鐵路專用線一條,引進了德國georg公司的tba me - 800x5000型橫剪線及abb挪威ni公司的250kw汽相干燥爐。