treble riveting中文意思是什麼

treble riveting解釋

  • treble: adj. ,n. 三倍(的),三重(的);【音樂】最高音部(的);尖銳刺耳(的);高音(的)。vt. ,vi. (使)成為三倍,增加兩倍。
  • riveting: 非常動聽的

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  1. In management, as in music, there is a base clef as well as a treble.

  2. In piano music the upper staff usually has a treble clef and the lower a bass clef, the former usually for the right hand and the latter for the left in music for the piano, or for similar instruments

  3. Results show that in the middle life range the fatigue strength of interference - fit riveting increases by about 25 % compared with that of conventional riveting

    研究結果表明:在中壽命區,干涉配合鉚接的疲勞強度比普通鉚接的疲勞強度提高約25 % 。
  4. Co - presenter : hong kong treble choirs association

  5. Exotic bets refer to six - up, treble, tierce, trio, double trio and triple trio

    特別彩池即六環彩三寶三重彩單t ? t及3 t 。