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  • treble: adj. ,n. 三倍(的),三重(的);【音樂】最高音部(的);尖銳刺耳(的);高音(的)。vt. ,vi. (使)成為三倍,增加兩倍。
  • speaker: n 1 說話人;演說者;雄辯家。2 廣播員。3 擴音器,揚聲器;喇叭,話筒。4 〈S 〉英國下議院、美國眾議...

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  1. As a psychiatrist, aeronaut, highly sought - after public speaker, president of the " winds of hope " humanitarian foundation and goodwill ambassador for the united nations, dr. piccard is devoted to combine his family s scientific legacy with his commitment to exploring the great adventure of life

    Piccard的祖父及父親均是著名的探險家,而他本身既是探險家,亦是精神病專家、航空專家、著名演說家、人道救援基金會" windsofhope "主席、以及聯合國的親善大使。
  2. Each speaker is allotted five minutes.

  3. Although the event, which featured a well known political figure as the speaker, provided an american sign language interpreter, there were neither assistive listening devices nor captioning

    此事由演講者? ?一位眾所周知的政壇名人發起的,雖然它提供了美國手語翻譯機,卻沒有助聽設備也沒有字幕。
  4. Annapolis resident michael busch, the speaker of the maryland house, joked that socks constitute formal wear around here

  5. Manufacturer and exporter of woofer, boom box, tweeter, car speaker, multimedia speaker and other car accessories