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  • trial: n. 1. (好壞、性能等的)試驗;(人或物的)試用;試車。2. 【運】選拔賽,預賽。3. 考驗,磨難,困難,患難;討厭的人[東西];【法律】審問;審判。adj. =trinal.
  • condition: n 1 狀態,狀況,情形;品質。2 〈pl 〉外界狀況,周圍情形。3 地位,身分。4 條件;【語法】條件子句。...

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  1. Adoption of bend upward bulbous bow toimprove resistance performance in ballast trial condition

  2. Test should be proceed under good meteorologic conditions and sea condition, keep the cruise 、 ship speed and main engine revolution of the vessel stable before trial, rudder angle should keep at center position

  3. In order to make the studying about the seismic exploration method possess systematic nature and the ability of tackling key problem in front - zone of mountain, we have done the research work of tackling key problem aiming at the field gathering technology of seismic exploration of the complicated structure belt ( the construction of underground and the earth ' s surface condition are complicated ) of front - zone of mountain in this text, and a large number of relativity trials by the close combination of production and scientific research, summarized a set of field method of the complicated structure belt of front - zone of mountain, adjusted both of trial factor and construction factor of the field gathering in time, achieved finally the goal of making its structure character clear

    近幾年來,隨著地震勘探裝備和技術的改進,野外資料採集技術有了新的進展,主要表現為多種震源聯合激發方法(井炮和大噸位可控震源) ,基於地表條件及表層調查基礎上的激發選點方法,小道距、長排列、高覆蓋接收方法,基於模型的「分段、分線、分區」觀測系統目標設計方法等,取得了顯著的勘探效果。為了使山前地震勘探方法研究具有系統性和攻關性,通過本文對復雜山前復雜構造帶地震勘探的野外採集技術進行攻關研究,進行了大量具有針對性的試驗,總結出了一套山前復雜構造帶野外施工方法,最終達到了搞清復雜山前復雜構造帶山前復雜構造帶構造特徵的目的。
  4. This paper introduces ieee trial - use standard 1459 - 2000 and compares the old and new definitions of the apparent power s. it also gives the definitions of electric power quantities under sinusoidal, nonsinusoidal, balanced, or unbalanced condition in detail

    本文介紹和分析了ieeestd1459 ? 2000暫行使用標準,比較了關于視在功率s的新舊定義的不同。介紹正弦、非正弦單相系統的電量的定義,詳細分析了正弦、非正弦和對稱、不對稱的三相系統的功率的定義和計算。
  5. But along with the population increase, economic development and natural condition change, the dry and water deficient situation becomes increasingly serious, the drought occurrence frequency, scope and impacting area expand successively, in the meanwhile, some structural and systematic obstacles existed in long - term drought fighting work have emerged and the drought fighting work faces unprecedented trial