n. 名詞 (pl. trousseaus, trousseaux ) 嫁妝。


    1. Until the last possible moment, fragrant snow was busy overseeing the preparation of her daughter's trousseau and the gifts for the woos.

    2. The ancient french term " trousseau " literally translates to a clothing bundle

    3. As part of her dowry, the bride would bring her personal belongings or trousseau to the home of her new husband

    4. In ancient rome, whether having trousseau or not is an important symbol which discriminates official marriage and illegal marriage, thus the trousseau system became one important part of the roman marriage property system

    5. But we have forgotten to mention one circumstance, which nevertheless ought not to be omitted ; in one of the rooms he crossed, the trousseau of the bride - elect was on exhibition. there were caskets of diamonds, cashmere shawls, valenciennes lace, english veilings, and in fact all the tempting things, the bare mention of which makes the hearts of young girls bound with joy, and which is called the corbeille