tuamotu ridge中文意思是什麼

tuamotu ridge解釋

  • ridge: n 1 【動物;動物學】脊;脊背。2 山脊;嶺,崗;分水嶺,山脈。3 屋脊;(犁溝與犁溝間的)犁壟;鼻樑...

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  1. Extensive resource for hikers in the southern appalachians including the smokies, and the blue ridge mountains

  2. Second, according to field investigation and wind - tunnel experiment, some scholar s advanced that barchan dunes often appear in dynamic equilibrium shapes when th ey move along the direction perpendi cular to the dune ridge under the influence of unimodle sand - moving wind

  3. In june 2003, homeland security secretary tom ridge and commissioner bonner announced that csi will be expanding to strategic locations beyond the 20 initial major ports to include areas of the middle east such as dubai

  4. Application of bubbler irrigation to spring maize and winter wheat planted in furrow with film mulching on ridge

  5. A sets of transforms are introduced in this dissertation, by using of which some kinds of topographies, such as continental slope and ridge, can be converted into flat bottom. the processing simplifies the generation of internal tides and reflection of internal waves over those kinds of topographies