tuberculous thyroiditis中文意思是什麼

tuberculous thyroiditis解釋

  • tuberculous: adj. 1. 結節(狀)的。2. 結核(性)的;結核病的。
  • thyroiditis: n. 【醫學】甲狀腺炎。

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  1. We described the characteristic features of submandibular tuberculous lymphadenitis in four children who presented with rapidly growing submandibular mass without lung involvement in three boys and combined with pulmonary tuberculosis in one girl

  2. The clinical value of anti - ppd - igg in pleural effusion for tuberculous pleurisy

  3. Effect of bcg - psn on expression of adhesion molecule of lymphocyte in tuberculous pleurisy

  4. Or what else could this be ? i was also diagnosed with thyroiditis about 10 years ago but no longer suffer with any effects of that

    我們申請了典型反發癢軟膏和被採取的benedyl ,但沒什麼給他們任一安心。健康,健身。
  5. Rapid enlargement of the thyroid gland may also suggest thyroid lymphoma, particularly if found in association with high levels of thyroid peroxidase antibodies and hashimoto ' s thyroiditis