tunnel top中文意思是什麼

tunnel top解釋

  • tunnel: n 隧道;地道;坑道;管道,煙道,風洞;【礦物】石巷,平峒。 tunnel warfare 地道戰。vt (〈英國〉 l...
  • top: n (opp bottom foot)1 頂,頂部,頂端。2 頭,頭頂;尖端;樹梢,樹頂;(事物的)上層部分。3 最高位...

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    包括由澳門郵政發行的文學與人物紅樓夢(二)一套六枚郵票(圖上左) 、由英國皇家郵政發行的英女皇登基金禧紀念一套五枚郵票(圖上右)和由紐西蘭郵政發行的魔戒一套六枚自動黏貼郵票(圖下) 。
  3. Evaluation of the effect of collapse in top area of a double - arched tunnel on its the secondary lining

  4. Abstract : in accordance with the current thermotechnical behaviors of domestic tunnel kilns using different firing fuels, such as thermal utilization ratio and energy consumption per kilogram of porcelain, the influence of various firing fuels properties and fuel system ' s installation etc, on the kiln ' s thermotechnical behavior has been analysed in this paper. it is demonstrated that clean gaseous fuels and light oil are high quality fuels for the production of top grade fired products

  5. In addition, the paper introduces the seismic design of open top floor, the design of steel cover, the test of static bearing capacity of pile and the test of wind tunnel experiment