音標 ['tʌnl]
n. 名詞 隧道;地道;坑道;管道,煙道,風洞;【礦物】石巷,平峒。
tunnel warfare 地道戰。
vt. 及物動詞 (〈英國〉 -ll-)1. 在…鑿隧道[掘坑道]。
2. 鑿隧道通過。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 鑿隧道[掘坑道]。
2. 運過坑道 (through) 進隧道 (into)。


    1. In addition, this paper carry out successfully the support design practice in the preceding excavation of 4km long exploratory tunnel. according to the thesis research results, the following conclusion can be drawn. if the grouting rock can possess sound anti - seepage capability and the liner structure can hold higher hydraulic permeability relatively, and if the adjoining rock can be made as primary load - bearing structure by construction measure, the stability of country rock and the safety of liner structure will be guaranteed

    2. Their hunting grounds are the showers, the cramped, tunnel - like areaway behind the industrial washers in the laundry, sometimes the infirmary

    3. Second, according to field investigation and wind - tunnel experiment, some scholar s advanced that barchan dunes often appear in dynamic equilibrium shapes when th ey move along the direction perpendi cular to the dune ridge under the influence of unimodle sand - moving wind

    4. Car bass tube tunnel xqlqb - three models

      低音炮隧道型xqlqb bs - 0408b主要參數
    5. Analysis of forming reason of mud breakout in tong - yu tunnel